The 3 Best Men’s Leather Jackets

This can be taken as a continuation of the post I did yesterday after taking a short trip to one of the malls. That post was pertaining to winter boots, but that was not the only thing I was after. I also got the chance to look at some of the men’s leather jackets.

When it comes to leather jackets, whether for men or women, they can get quite expensive. If you prefer to go for those high-end brands, I’ll be posting a story soon. Stay tuned.

But, leather jackets, those who don’t want to spend close to a thousand dollar or more, can also be found at affordable prices.

One thing we must keep in mind is that anything we buy, we pay for, but we have to make sure it’s worth the money. Don’t go for extremely cheap ones, because you don’t want to be disappointed.

Anyways, at the mall, I saw these jackets and they looked quite stylish, I must say. But they were a bit expensive. And since I was still there at the store I decided to look them up online.

Surprisingly online, they’re only a little over a hundred dollars. That’s not bad when it comes to a leather jacket, especially if it’s from a reputable brand.

The three that I saw are…

Motorcycle Mens Leather Jacket

This is made up of 100% REAL Lambskin Leather and features a soft internal lining that adds up to the breathability and comfort.

Why am I recommend this is because it is crafted with the closest attention to the details. Proper time and attention has been invested to each piece making sure it translates into a well-polished lightweight men leather jacket.

And, plus, it’s by Decrum, the leader in offering high-quality real leather jackets.

Motorcycle Style Mens Leather Jacket

This one, too, made up of 100% REAL Lambskin Leather, will let you move freely and enjoy the best level of comfort in summer as well as winters.

It is perfectly engineered that will live in your wardrobe for many years. Otherwise, I would not recommend it. And, who says it’s that expensive?

Men’s Italian Leather Jacket

The reason I recommend this as well, because of its 100% soft leather, selected materials and it is 100% made in Italy. And it’s a little higher in price due its quality and as well as brand.

What I love about it is that the soft leather is composed by 3 frontal zip pockets; 1 button pocket; 1 inside pocket; cross zip; zip at the sleeves; studs at the collar.

So, whether you own a bike or not, leather jackets like these will still look great. And whether your jeans are black or blue, boots, leather or not, these leather jackets will bring out the racer within you and give you the chance to develop a new sense of fashion.

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  1. I have always loved leather biker jackets. Those old ones really stood up to the weather and the asphalt. I never noticed the new trend of slanted zippers, but they look good zipped up. Eons ago, my cousin had one with tassels, and we had a friend with a red one; we made fun of the poor guy. You now need to do an article on motorcycle helmets.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      First of all, thanks for your comment.

      I used to be not so fond of the leather jackets. They always felt heavy to me. That’s cause I was used to the t-shirts and regular shirts.

      It was almost towards the end of the college years when I began wearing leather jackets. I love them now. The biker ones, especially if they are slim fit are my favorite.

      That’s funny you guys made fun of your friend, because he had a red one.

      The idea of motorcycle helmets is quite intriguing. Thanks for letting me know. I will do some research, then write a piece about them considering I’ve now covered leather jackets.

      – Yama

  2. Nice posts and review on the 3 different leather jackets. My preference is the Italian style leather jacket. I have a nice leather jacket/coat that is more traditionally styled, and is designed to be worn socially, and more along the lines of the Marc New York you have as an option. I appreciate also that you make it easy to learn more about these jackets by clicking on the corresponding Amazon links, and thus making it very easy to buy also. Thanks, Tom

  3. Hey Yama,

    I always did like leather jackets and when I buy them even though it say’s for men, they are for me. Thanks for the great read.

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