Men’s Pajamas, Tops, Boxers and More…

The level of confidence in us only gets high, for you and I know how to dress, how to impress and most importantly how to spend money. I’ll get to the money spending part in a bit. Like every piece of cloth we buy, our pajamas; tops; boxers and yes, even briefs must also be chosen very carefully.

Some men think it’s taboo to talk about Men’s pajamas and briefs, but that shouldn’t be the case, in my opinion. Typing this post didn’t feel weird at all. In fact, it’s fun to discuss what we, men, can do to make sure we’re confident. I like to be confident with every single piece of attire I wear. Not just actually confident, but feel sexy as well. Remember, you to yourself come first. So, it’s important how you feel inside when you’re sporting that cool watch or suit, for example.

And as for money, just because we have it, that doesn’t mean we should spend it on anything out there. Shopping like anything in life should have a method to it. Only spend on something you know you need. An extra pair of shoes or pants are always important, but don’t over-spent to the point where you don’t know what to do with your stuff. Every single pair of pant you own must have its purpose. To be that detailed, that’s how much we can be organized. It comes down to how disciplined we are.

I hear a lot that if you’re on a budget, you don’t have much option when it comes to shopping. That’s not true. One thing we must get rid of first is the negative thought from our minds. Fill it instead with positivity. This is what I do usually: walk, listen to music, read a great book, watch a great movie, hang out with friends, family or if I need a moment of silence, I stay away and be myself for a day or a couple hours to calm down the brain. We’re human, after all.

Anyways. The focus here is to be confident when when it comes to fashion. Yes, even when it comes down to your boxers, buy them smartly. Keep a collection. It’s easy to keep them organized. It means you can buy more, which will give you options what to wear next time you’re attending a party. You can even match the color, if you like. What I’m saying is that we can get creative. Impress yourself first, then your date when it comes to it.

Here, Add Some More to the Wardrobe

Thanks, guys. Any ideas, suggestions or if you’re fond of one of these products, drop a note in the comment section below.

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  1. Nice article. I never really thought about buying nice mens pjs for myself. Its always is nice to buy it for you girlfriend but us men I think just wear anything to bed.

    For example I will just wear old shorts, old shirts something that is loose and I can sleep well in, but no though goes into how good these Pjs look.

    I think is an interesting way to think and feeling like you look good for you even in your PJs could help raise confident levels and also as you said be a nice for your girlfriend to see you like that too.


    1. Hi Joseph – thanks for your comment. Back in the day I would do that myself by staying with old pjs or boxers. But that’s not right. I learned it later and it changed my perspective on fashion and my sense of style.

  2. Well written article and rather convincing….at this point I am not sure whether to buy boxers for myself or my husband! The fact is, men really need to put a little thought into their wardrobe….you are helping them to do just that! I also appreciate how you placed those links.

    Wishing you all the best!


  3. Excellent article, I like your site! It is so important to stay positive in all that we do. I am glad you threw that in there. For men and women, it is important to first feel good about yourself, then others will see your confidence and you can spread that positive energy to the people you are around! I will show my man this article and others here on your website! Thanks! P.S Thanks for the pics too! Lol!

  4. Great article, it was very interesting to read. I think men very often underestimate the importance of underwear and pajamas. Especially when we have a partner. Men always expect women to be sexy and wear sexy underwear for us, but we very often forget that women want the same from us sometimes, they want us to be sexy for them. I don’t really like wearing pajamas, I like to sleep just with my underwear, but I always try to choose my underwear comfortable and fashionable at the same time, Thanks for sharing this.

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