Men’s Luxury Shoes – Walk with Style

With style we can change ourselves and the world around us. As observers, we learn and pick up the best habits from others. The focus should always be on the positive rather than negative. This brings us back to the Life is Short idiom again. It’s truly too short when we get to pick on the negative habit of someone else. The style is very much the same way. In fact, we tend to pick on style quite easily from others be it at work, party, college, travelling, movies, music videos, the list can go on.

When it comes to style as observers, we focus on one’s wristwatch, for example (shop yours here), suit, hat, car and even shoes. Speaking of shoes, we tend to not think of it very carefully, especially our generation from twenties to mid-thirties. Also, men at this age don’t show up classy as much. Yes, times have changed and it’s no longer 1950s or 1960s when men styled themselves with suits and fedora hats. If you do, good for you, nothing wrong with that. No one will think you’re thinking it’s Halloween dressing like the Mad Men characters. It’s your style, man. That’s what matters. Just like a good suit or a blazer, when it comes to footwear it can’t always be sneakers. It can be the actual shoes to walk with style.

The term, luxury might scare us as it can be expensive. But, in my book, it’s worth the shot. It’s like buying a television for yourself. Do you want to buy a cheap one or an expensive one from a reputable manufacturer? Well, long story short, I’m glad that I’m able to list a few here and let me know what you guys think. The Comments section below is open. And just so you all know, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

REPUBLIC by Mezlan – Shop Here

  • An Ageless Cap Toe Blucher
  • Hand-Burnished European Calfskin
  • Injected Comfort Insole
  • Combined Leather And Rubber Sole
  • Handmade in Spain

BEXLEY by Mezlan – Shop Here

  • Contemporary Wing Tip Ankle Boot
  • Combined Materials Of Smooth, Shiny Calfskin With Soft Deerskin
  • Toe Accented With A Medallion Design
  • Double Goring For A Perfect Fit And Comfort
  • Injected Memory Foam Cushioned Insole
  • Leather And Rubber Sole
  • Handmade In Spain

NOVO by Mezlan – Shop Here

  • Classic One-Eyelet Wing Tip Blucher
  • Hand-Burnished Italian Calfskin
  • Enhanced With Perforations And A Medallion On The Toe
  • Injected Memory Foam Cushioned Insole
  • Full Hand-Stained And Two-Toned Leather Sole
  • Handmade In Spain

SEXTO by Mezlan – Shop Here

  • Handsome Formal Blucher Oxford
  • Woven Calf and Fabric Vamp Combined with Patent Leather Quarter
  • Injected Memory Foam Cushioned Insole
  • Full Leather Sole
  • Handmade in Spain

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  1. Hi Yama, I totally agree that shoes are an important element in any outfit, especially on men (in my opinion anyway). I do like a man with a great sense of style as I feel like if he has taken the time to dress himself well, he is likely to pay good attention to other parts of himself, including his health and his home. The shoes you have chosen to highlight here have great design features and are really unique looking. I particularly like the last pair with that woven style though even better if they were all leather. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about luxury shoes here.

  2. What an interesting article. I agree, men these days are not as stylish as they were. I would love to see the first pair, REPUBLIC by Mezlan, on my boyfriend. I think they look fantastic.

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