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Welcome to Live The ‘S’ Factor. I’ve been meaning to launch a site dedicated to the fashion industry for some time. Finally, it’s here and as you notice not a lot is available on the site. This means I’m still working on it and as time goes by it will be completed. But in the meantime, I just want to introduce the site to my fellow fashion lovers. Those who know me, only know that I’m a film aficionado. More on that later, perhaps in some of my upcoming articles. But, fashion is not something I’ve been open about with friends and on social media. Not sure why. But here it is and why it’s my focus.

Why am I Focusing on Fashion?

It’s a billion dollar industry. It’s one of the reasons my focus is on fashion. However, it’s more than the profit the industry brings. Personally speaking, I like to look cool. I’ve always been a sucker for cool looking sport coats, blazers, shoes, eye-wear and watches. And you know what else has made me focus on fashion? Movies. Don’t tell me that you don’t want to look as cool as Daniel Craig as James Bond or as stylish as Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx in Miami Vice. I know you do. So, why not do it? If you’re someone who has never thought of putting on a sick blazer with jeans and cool-looking shirt underneath, well, it’s about time, my friend. Life is short for everything good and positive.

Don’t Worry When it comes to the Price Tag

Yes, clothing can be expensive. Walking in an upscale mall in Silicon Valley (where I’ve lived for more than 10 years) or in a mall in Los Angeles, all the top designers, their products can be pricey and adding a pair or two of jeans or shoes it adds up. Here at Live The ‘S’ Factor (the ‘S’ stands for ‘style), the spotlight will be on the designer brands, but as well as on the products that are not over-priced. Hey, you don’t have to purchase a $2000 blazer to look good. If you can afford one, good for you, but those who can’t, no worries there are many options out there and my plan is to bring those products right to you, so you can select, purchase and walk anywhere looking cool and confident.

Why the Style Factor?

In the above paragraph, I divulged as to what the ‘S’ stands for. But considering it’s a blog about fashion I’m sure some of you may have already figured it out that the ‘S’ stands for the term, style. But, why style matters? Style is everything and in everything we deal with on a daily basis. Be it, home, car, jewelry, food, you name it. The style you choose it represents you as a person. Just like we must be careful when it comes to selecting a restaurant, where we want to eat or a home, we want to rent or purchase, fashion—clothing must be as well. Stepping into a restaurant and it doesn’t have to be an expensive spot, why not do it while you look dashing? But it doesn’t have to be at a restaurant or at a bar, it can be place of work; gym and shopping, the list can go on. Style in everything and everywhere matters.

What the Goal is at Live The ‘S’ Factor?

Ultimately, it’s about making a difference in the people’s lives. One thing I’ve learned is that we should learn from each other. Focusing not on the negativity, but just being positive whether it’s our habits, personality or lifestyle. The goal for me here is to reach out to the rest of the world, all cultures, men and women, doesn’t matter in order to learn. We, human beings, we’re observers. We should learn from each other. I’ve always been that way and life in a way, at least to an extent, as I’ve experienced, does become easier. Fashion is a part of it when it comes to me, personally.

I’ve come across many people my age, men and women, those who I befriended at my workplace or met at parties or in a bar somewhere. One thing I noticed is their style. Guys, we’ve all questioned as to why is it that one good-looking girl is sitting with that guy? I’m not saying we should be eyeballing folks and their women, but it’s life and we, men, tend to think sometimes about stuff like that. One thing I’ve been focusing on when it comes to other men my age, is fashion. I see what kind of style the dude has. Obviously, we’re not going to make things obvious by eyeing someone to the extent they’re going to notice and become comfortable, you know what I mean? So yes, the goal here is to connect with others, so we can share ideas, live better, dress in style and be happy.

Life is Short

We’ve heard of ‘life is short’ idiom in movies, in person, books, magazines, articles online and in every single language. Did you know that I used to think that ‘Life is Short’ idiom was just words and had no meaning whatsoever? That was when I was in my teenage years still. As soon as I arrived to my mid-twenties, I realized the importance of that idiom. One other meaningful way of saying this idiom is LIFE IS LIKE A ICECREAM, EAT IT BEFORE IT MELTS. Why this idiom and why I think it can be relevant to fashion?

In life, everything we do is to make sure that we’re comfortable. We work to make sure we’ve a home, eat food, travel, enjoy our weekends, shop groceries and clothing. Yes, that’s life in a way, but when do we get to really enjoy the life to the fullest? I had a co-worker a few years back, who used to smoke 5 packs a day and smelt like a chimney always. He never had a girlfriend in his life or a car. On harsh rainy days, he couldn’t even walk to the bus stop to go home. I had to give him a ride once or twice. One day, I advised him to get a cheap car, but he told me he had no desire to purchase a car. When I arrived at the bus stop, he got out and before shutting the door, he said, “I’m a happy man, Yama.” I said nothing.  I knew that deep down he wasn’t a happy man. He always coughed badly and was being constantly advised by the supervisor to dress professionally and be clean. I knew that he was telling that lie to himself not to me that he was a happy man. Fast forward, a year later, he passed away. I was very saddened. He used to sit not too far from me at the office. All of a sudden, just like that, his chair was empty for good. I stared at his desk for a minute or two, thinking to myself, life is indeed short. It’s very unpredictable. So, why not take advantage of it, be good, live well, eat good, dress well.

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