Men of Style Live with Confidence

With so many styles to choose online or in retail stores to keep oneself up to date becomes a daunting task. You could get confused and get lost as to what to purchase. That’s why we need to come up with a plan. Everything in life needs some kind of planning. Travel, of course. Changing jobs, that’s a definite. And as well as getting married or buying a car. So, why not when it comes to fashion?

Men of style, who prefer to live with confidence, they, too, conduct a plan or two before they take a trip to the mall or taking out their credit cards to pay online.

Shopping methods of everyone differs. Some like to go on a shopping spree and there are those folks like myself, who like to go out after one specific item and then if something else catches the attention it gets added to the shopping cart. Otherwise, it’s always going to be that one item I’m after. This process makes shopping easier. The same method can also be applied to online shopping. But, online since it’s very easy I target not one, but two products or three or four. Shopping online is simpler than walking all over the mall.

Style isn’t always having to be suited. Stepping out to watch a film with your date, friends or even if you’re by yourself, one should still look complete in terms of clothing. Not only we will look tidy and cool, but stylish as well. Going casual, go with confidence. Just as you’re being careful in buying a car, boat, or a house, be careful when it comes to getting yourself a jacket, shoes or sunglasses. And looking casual doesn’t have to be in the club or a bar. There are companies people work at where they’re allowed to dress casual on Fridays.

And remember to not go for items way too low in price, because the quality matters. Instead, spend a little more for two shirts from a reputable brand rather than for ten shirts from a company with cheap material. Shopping, yes, it can be planned and it has to be done smartly as well.

Speaking of casual, why not go after a leather jacket? Often I hear that if it’s labelled as a motorcycle jacket, so therefore you can’t own it considering you don’t have a bike. There’s no such rule. I, personally, believe that every guy should have at least two to three leather jackets of different colors.

What’s good about the leather jacket is that it fits well with an excellent pair of jeans. Just as we make sure we have two or three leather jackets, our pair of jeans must be as well of different styles. As for footwear, target the boots and these low top sneakers.

But, that’s not it. Remember, walking out in completion when it comes to fashion? We have to turn that into a habit. If you’re out on a sunny day sunglasses can always help and make you look even better. And as well as a bracelet. What I do is that I buy them in pairs, because they come in different colors. A cool looking bracelet always makes one look stylish when your jacket is off and the sleeves of our shirt are rolled up.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read. And please don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.


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  1. You have a fantastic sense of style! Men who dress like that exude confidence and it’s attractive in a wholesome way, (perhaps unwholesome for some). Anyway, it seems like you have better taste than many. You need to open a store!

  2. It’s true, fashion and outfits can definitely have an impact on one’s confidence. That’s why a person of authority has a uniform: police, doctors, nurses, bankers etc!

    But as you said, it has to fit the occasion. Going to the cinema with friends in a doctor’s coat? That’s gonna destroy all confidence because it looks so out of place!

    By the way, good advice on the bracelets: Never thought about buying them in pairs so I have them in two colors. Gonna keep this in mind!

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