Luxury Messenger Bags – Carry Yourself Well

Ah, accessories… In the previous posts luxury shoes, classic watches and winter jackets were covered. But accessories are an important part of keeping oneself at all times dashing as well. I’ll focus on the messenger bags. If you’ve heard they are not manly enough, you’ve heard wrong. Not backpacks, because they’re different and I’ll cover them in the next few days as soon as I get the chance, but I’m talking about just bags. Those stylish luxury messenger bags. The market for them have never been more diverse. So, don’t stay behind, my friend.

You might ask as to why one would need a messenger bag or a “courier bag.” The reasons we should find it essential are many.

But before getting into the details, the messenger bag comes with its own history. They became famous thanks to the postal workers and couriers. Messenger bags are very simple to carry (on your side or front) and reach for its content inside with ease. So, postal workers, as you’ve noticed, carry them for a reason.

How to Use a Messenger Bag?

Simple. If you don’t have papers or files, then use it to carry your laptop. Or, if you do, well, that’s even better, because you’re probably spending a lot of your time at the office going from the west to the east of the corporate building for meetings. It can also be used by students, whether they’re still in high school, college or university, carrying books, binders, notebooks and other supplies. Even parents can utilize them. Got a baby? Well, then, a messenger bag can be the diaper bag. Many of them come with compartments designed for carrying all of the important baby supplies.

There are many reasons people use them for, but let’s get back to the fashion part. You want to get messenger back not just because you’re in need of one or two, but look good with it as well. And, I’m not referring to just any bag out there. Beware of the bad brands and focus on the good ones.

Flying to an important meeting on Monday, I’d get this Globe-Trotter. But if you want to go down a bit with the cost and use one just for your daily stuff, then attack this one by Saint Laurent or this one by the Andersons. Keep in mind, these are luxury brands. It’s worth the shot. Plus, life is short, too; buy yourself a gift for all the hard work you’ve been doing. Sometimes we must pat ourselves on our own backs. Don’t wait for the boss. Still in college or university, then chase the one known as Valentino or the one by Alexander McQueen. Remember, life is short, friends. Have fun. Be stylish and carry yourself well.

As always, thanks for your time. Got any ideas and suggests, comments section below is open.


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  1. So many reasons males need to take advantage of this concept – Beautiful and trendy messenger bags suggested! I like that you mentioned – paperwork – phones – laptops – what about carrying wallets, keys, medication, and a list could go on… I did think what an awesome present as we approach Christmas – but personal choice and preference will be a very important consideration. Thank you for suggesting those designer pieces!

    1. Hi, Sandra – you’re quite welcome. Yes, absolutely; I totally agree with you that these bags can be an awesome Christmas gift as well.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Cost depends on the brand. There are cheaper ones, but I decided to introduce top brands considering the quality. The links within the piece leads you to the page where you can choose which one will fit the budget.

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