Cocktail Attire for Men – What If You’re Invited to a Party?

How many times a year we get an invitation to a party? The answer is one to two. Let’s stick with one invitation and the most common one is a new year’s party. Corporations throw these parties every year to simply say a thank-you to their employees. That’s nice of them, isn’t it?. Often these parties, depending on the company, are very expensive. If you’re someone who is employed at a corporation with tons of cash dollar revenue every year, these parties tend to be serious ones. Don’t ever think of this kind of party as your neighbor’s kid’s birthday party. Corporate parties should be treated like job interviews, in my opinion. It feels like the spotlight is on you. Not only your co-workers will be watching, but your boss and his boss as well. But, if you think no one will care what you’re wearing at these parties, maybe you should.

Why You Must Care What You’re Wearing

It’s about the style and how we live our lives. I touched on the subject of style a little bit in my Men’s Fashion – Welcome to Live The ‘S’ Factor. Don’t forget to give it a read.

I’ve attended a few company parties in the past. They differ. The reason they are different because it depends on the size of the company. Small businesses throw parties, but small ones and sometimes these parties are held in the office. I’ve been in one and it kind of felt like I was back at work at 7 in the evening. But, I’ve also attended a few of them that were held at, let’s say, a huge ballroom or a country club. And there was a dress code.

A few years ago, a month before the party, some co-workers were discussing what to wear. Unfortunately, many of them didn’t care about going with a different style until they had to read the memo again, because no one was allowed to put on jeans. Jeans are cool, however, we wear them all the time. Sometimes I say to myself, wish we lived back in the 1930s. We were way too classy back then when we had to attend parties. It didn’t matter what kind of party and how big or small. The plan was to simply look dashing. Many of us don’t think that what we wear it represents our personalities and how we live our lives. Not only that, the ladies will always appreciate a fellow with a cocktail suit.

Don’t Kill the Party

Be you, but don’t be the typical you, who always wear jeans. When it comes to personality, you don’t have to change, just because you’re attending an upscale party. You’re probably a cool person to hangout with. Don’t kill that gift you’ve been given. Instead, look different than you usually look for an hour or two. Putting on some effort by looking elegant shines. Remember, we’re observers. We observe each other from every corner of the room. What if an elegant looking woman is observing you from across the ballroom and you catch her watching you? And what if you’ve showed up in blue jeans? Then, what? If you think that style doesn’t matter, then you better change that kind of thought, my friend.

Not Dressing Elegantly is Boring

In life, we move because we have to work, travel, exercise, dance, shop, walk, fix things. We’re not stones sitting in the same position for years. We socialize, because we’re social beings. If we don’t do anything life becomes boring. Why do you think we’re given the opportunity to go on vacation for a week or two every year? If we continuously work throughout the year, the work itself, no matter how much we love it, becomes boring. So, dressing the same everyday also becomes boring. It is essential to look different. Not necessarily for others. It’s all about you. When you workout, it’s because you want to look and feel good to yourself. You’re not necessarily going to gym everyday for others. The same can said when it comes to fashion. Look different from time to time.

The History and Meaning of Cocktail Attire

Chicken or the egg first? In the case of cocktail attire, cocktails came first. The dress, whether for men or women, wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the booz. In the early 1800s, the drink was the main request of every patron in Europe and America. However, women of the Victorian era weren’t too comfortable being seen drinking cocktail in public. It wasn’t until the end of World War 1, as time passed by, the drink became acceptable for women. Once it did, no one looked back and the cocktail culture began. Soon, the cocktrail dress became the uniform of every party, bar, you name it, thanks to the upscale community. The attire had another cool name for it as well: the after 5 attire.


Let’s say, you’re invited to an elegant party and the dress code is cocktail attire. What does it mean, this cocktail attire? Write this down on a notebook. It’s quite simple and short:

  • Suit with a shirt
  • Dress shoes
  • Tie or a bow tie

If the dress code is, let’s say, more casual. Then, you just have to get yourself the following:

  • A blazer and dark-colored jeans.

So, Are you Ready for the Party?

Make sure that you don’t stress when it comes to going to a party. I used to stress a lot whenever I was invited to any kind of party. At times, I wouldn’t even attend parties. My siblings and parents would go without me. By nature, I’m picky when it comes to pretty much everything. It’s a good and a bad habit. I’m picky when it comes to food, drinks, clothing and yes even when it comes to attending parties. But, it’s not like I’m not fun to hangout with just so you know. I do have friends. The reason I say all this is because life should be easy. Everyday when we wake up, we must make sure that life becomes a little more easier for us. Who can that do that for us? No one, but us, ourselves. So, why not when it comes to dressing. And, your closet doesn’t have to be filled with expensives clothes. Attending an upscale party, be it a corporate party, a wedding or a party for any reason, your attire can still be classy and elegant. Affordable clothes are out there and you must take advantage of it.

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