Best Dress Watches For Men – Get Stylish Even More

I touched on the subject of style in my article titled, How to Create Your Own Style – Live Confidently, just a few days ago discussing how one must understand that when it comes to style it is more than just fashion. As we work to make a change in our habits and as slowly we progress towards getting rid of all the small, unattractive things we possess, fashion, which is a wing of the term, style, comes to play a huge factor to make a positive impact on our lives.

As one puts on a stylish suit to take his woman out to a dinner or attend a party on a Friday night, it is essential to walk out in completion. What I mean by that is that often we see men having a suit on, however, missing a good pair of shoes, sunglasses (if it’s sunny outside) or a wrist watch.

Let’s not forget that wrist watches play a huge factor when it comes to men’s fashion. You’re obviously a well dressed fellow since you’re reading this piece or a well-dressed woman, who is looking for a great watch or two for your well-dressed man. I’m pumped to team up with Ambassador to introduce some of the models from their prestigious Heritage Collection.

A Brief History of the Wrist Watch

Prior to World War 1, men didn’t have wrist watch. It was a women’s thing only. During the war, soldiers, who were tired of looking at their pocket watches for a time-check, instead came up with the idea of wrapping the pocket watches around their wrists. For some time, it was deemed anti-fashion, for wrist watches were initially designed for women only as it was close to a bracelet. But, as times changed, wristwatches made the market for pocket watches die down. Today, many of us believe that wrist watches are obsolete due to the presence of smart phones.

While having a smart phone makes the life easier, let’s not turn away from wrist watches for reasons such as it provides us simplicity; a unique sense of style; punctuality, because I don’t think cellphones really do. And, who wants to look desperate by constantly taking the phone out of his pocket to just check on the time or if you’re at the movies distracting the person next to you and the people behind you. I watch films on the big screens and every time someone takes their cellphone out to check on the time, I feel like snatching that thing from him.

But, thanks to the existence of wrist watches. When you can get yourself in a suit or look casual somewhere why not look complete, elegant and as well as sophisticated when you can. Take a look at the collection by Ambassador and see which one you think will look good on you. My personal favorite is 1863 model.

Heritage 1863 – King of Men’s Watches

The Heritage 1863 was designed to make a statement. Starting from the very bold color scheme, polished rose-gold with black face and strap – it’s bound to draw attention – and that’s exactly what it does. King of men’s watches. The design of this masterpiece comes from the 1800’s – equipped with Roman numerals, baton hands, highly reflective sunray dial and finished off with embossed indices and the Ambassador logo. A true masterpiece.

The Ambassador Heritage 1921

Heritage 1921 watch is nine-millimeters in thickness, forty millimeters in diameter, with a 316-L polished case. The dial texture is a Clous de Paris piece, with an excellent Japanese Quartz movement ticking silver baton hands around a chic face. A flat sapphire glass case encases the inner workings of this excellent piece of machinery.

The Ambassador Heritage 1959

Heritage 1959 is nine-millimeter-thick steel, forty millimeters in diameter, with a 316-L polished case that is coated in rose-gold. The dial on this timepiece is extremely unique, as it is a concentric circular pattern that is covered by sturdy sapphire glass. Keeping time with a Miyota quartz movement, the face of this wristwatch embodies the brand with a signature ‘A’ at the top to complete the look.


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  1. Hello, Yama, thank you so much for your article!

    I was never aware that watches weren’t even a thing until AFTER WW1, this is honestly news to me! I’ve actually been looking into what kind of wathces I can find because lately, I’ve been working on improving my sense of style. I’ve been looking into ways to maximize the greatness of my style and looking through your page, I didn’t really think about watches until I saw this article so thank you. Keep up the work! I’m looking into different options so I really appreciate the variety.

    Hope you have a great rest of your day, and God bless!

  2. Beautiful watches. I agree that even men should complete their looks with accessories such as a wristwatch. My husband will truly appreciate the value of this article. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I’m really into your article on “Best Dress Watches For Men – Get Stylish Even More”.

    I really love how sophisticated but contemporary this style watch looks.

    Tell me, how is this watch compared to say, a Fossil or a Seiko? If I could afford a new watch by Christmas time in 2019, I would love to order one.

    Do you have inventory to be able to provide one for sale?

    Yours in Success,


    1. Shaun,

      Thank you for your visit and your comment. Fossil and Seiko are good brands. With Ambassador, while their watches are bit pricey as well, their focus is on the craft and design and weight of the watches as well. Looking at them, they’re simply designed. In other words, not to big. They, in my opinion, will enhance the simplicity one wants to achieve when it comes to fashion. Plus, they look classic, because they are. As for sale, Ambassador is selling all models for $199.00.

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