Clothing came into existence before the industry. Once the industry was established, designing, marketing, manufacturing commenced, where accessories, footwear and clothes then began to sell. Before the launch of the fashion industry, we created clothes for ourselves. As time went by, the world evolved and the industry focused on consumers.

The clothing production began in the mid-nineteenth century, but the fashion industry didn’t establish until the twentieth century. Today, the industry is worth billions of dollars. According to Forbes, the clothing market reached $278.2 billion in 2018 and that number is expected to increase to $325.8 billion by 2022.

My name is Yama and I’ve been passionate about fashion and cinema since my teenage years. I’ve lived in places like New Delhi, Atlanta, Silicon Valley, watching people, observing cultures and styles for some time now.

Besides understanding films, the fashion aspect always fascinated me. In fact, it still does and will continue to, because films meet fashion or fashion meets films. Every time we watch the latest installment of a new James Bond flick, we, man, focus on the blazer that Daniel Craig is wearing or the suit or sports wear.

Live The S Factor – What does S stands?

Considering it’s a blog about fashion I’m sure some of you may have already figured it out that the ‘S’ stands for the term, style. But, why style matters? Style is everything and in everything we deal with on a daily basis. Be it, home, car, jewelry, food, you name it.

The style you choose it represents you as a person. Just like we must be careful when it comes to selecting a restaurant, where we want to eat or a home we want to rent or purchase, fashion—clothing must be as well. Style in everything and everywhere matters.

What’s the goal?

Ultimately, it’s about making a difference in the people’s lives. One thing I’ve learned is that we should learn from each other. Focusing not on the negativity, but just being positive whether it’s our habits, personality or lifestyle.

The goal for me here is to reach out to the rest of the world, all cultures, men and women, doesn’t matter in order to learn. We’re observers. We learn from each other. I’ve always been that way and life in a way, at least to an extent, as I’ve experienced, does become easier. Fashion is a part of it when it comes to me, personally.

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