5 Must Own Dior Sneakers For Men

I was just recently talking to friends and our conversation took us somewhere else entirely where we spent discussing Dior sneakers and fashion.

Most people think we men don’t talk fashion. Those, who’re passionate like us will always find the time to talk everything fashion. It’s an important aspect of our lives.

What actually sparked the conversation was when a couple passed by us and the husband or boyfriend had these cool-looking sneakers on him.

My friend complimented them, but just by ourselves. The couple had already crossed the sidewalk going towards the Red Lobster, which was packed. Their car was probably parked behind the building we were in. A small coffee shop, where a few tables are set outside.

We all love sneakers, especially us guys. So, we talked about the luxury brands.

One of my friends was wearing the Dior sneakers that his wife bought him for their fifth wedding anniversary earlier this year.

Now, I own sneakers myself, but the brand my friend was wearing caught my eye. I was constantly eyeballing his sneakers. I wanted to ask the price, but I didn’t. I don’t do that. But, I almost did.

That’s where the idea behind this post came from.

I immediately got in touch with Dior and asked them for some of their best and most wanted sneakers for men. They gave me the names and I wrote them down. I got online and did some research.

I’ll be getting myself a pair of their sneakers for sure. Yes, they are a bit costly, but they are high quality. And, plus, it’s Dior.

One thing we must take under serious consideration is that when it comes to luxury brands, they’re costly not just because.

Luxury brands like Dior wants to make sure they’re putting the best, high-quality products in the market. They’re different than the rest of the brands, because of the extra care they put behind the art and making of the product. And, so far, the consumers are quite satisfied.

Below is a list of some of the best and most liked Dior Sneakers for men.

B23 High-Top in Blue Dior Oblique

The B23 high-top Dior Oblique sneakers are a stylish interpretation of a classic sneaker shape. Crafted in iconic blue Dior Oblique canvas, the high-tops feature an innovative clear mesh casing which spotlights the printed interior. Navy blue laces coordinate with a navy blue back loop, and navy blue rubber sole featuring deconstructed and pieced details with a ‘Dior’ logo on the outer foot.

B23 High-Top Sneaker in Gray Leopard Print

“B23” high-top sneaker in transparent technical fabric with gray leopard print, white and black rubber sole.

B23 Low-Top Dior Oblique Sneaker

“B23” low-top sneaker in clear Dior Oblique technical canvas and white calfskin, white and black rubber sole, “Dior” signature.

B02 Sneaker in White Calfskin

“B02” Sneaker in white calfskin, white and black rubber sole.

B01 Sneaker in Black and White Smooth Calfskin and Black Suede Calfskin

Black and white smooth calfskin and black suede calfskin sneaker, “Dior Homme B01” signature.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below. As for more things by Dior, I’ll be posting another piece soon that will focus  on some of their other products for men as well. Stay tuned.

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  1. Nice post. I have that exact bed cover in the second picture. I mainly wear tennis shoes or cross-training shoes for running. One of my favorites I have are brown suede lace-up shoes (Tod’s). I think I may have a few shirts by Dior, and I know some cologne, but I don’t think I have any of their shoes. I like the site, anyway.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Ian. Dior colognes are pretty great as well. I had one a few years back and looking forward to getting some more soon. As for their sneakers their B02 is what I’m thinking about getting.

  2. I was in 6th grade the first time I saw high-tops; I thought they looked dorky. I started wearing them in 7th and have done my best to never quit. They’re just so sexy and comfy and cool-looking. They definitely make a man look great. I must confess I like the B23s far more than Vans. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Same exact thing with me, Cathy. It wasn’t until my mid-teens when I started wearing and liking the high-tops. The B23 is an awesome looking sneaker.

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