5 Best Winter Boots For Men

Today, I stopped by at the mall and saw a new shoe store. I went in and talked to one of the employees, who happened to be well-informed. I asked him about some of their winter boots for men and he showed me several of them from different brands.

I could not write the names unfortunately, because I didn’t have a pen and paper handy, but memorized a few. I came home and looked online.

I’ve been meaning to get me new winter boots for some time, but also wanted to write a post about the best ones out there.

There are too many of them that can be bought with different price tags. The ones I go for tending to be in the few hundred dollar range. If you go for the ones that will cost you up to thousand dollars are by high-end brands, but even in up to $300.00 range you can get a pretty great, long-lasting winter boot.

So, my research led me to a few impressive ones. The ones that I saw in the store I was able to locate them online as well and are surprisingly much cheaper.

For example…

Stapleton Chukkas

Launched onto the scene in 2002 by Vince, his focus was on superior quality and iconic designs. This menswear line reinforces this focus and draws from the brand’s Southern California roots to provide a strong line of casual and refined basics.

Each piece of Vince menswear is designed to comfortably suit any setting, while exuding confidence and luxury at all times.

Madson Moc Toe Waterproof

Designed by Sorel, the company was founded in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, in 1962. The brand gained immediate recognition in Canada for creating boots that were warm enough and rugged enough to stand up to harsh winters. Eventually, their reputation, quality, and functionality made them the best-selling cold- weather boots in the world.

From their humble beginnings, the brand has grown from work wear boots to refined footwear. Now, the boots can be seen on fashionable feet around the world, and the Sorel commitment to comfort and cold-weather protection is still evident in every pair.

Heard Suede Boots

Coming from Denmark, Shoe The Bear boots are designed for anyone with an appreciation for well-made classics. Ranging from work-ready pairs to sneakers to everyday styles—like the ever-popular Shoe The Bear Dev boot—the brand focuses on maintaining the integrity of traditional styles that have stuck around, with good reason, for generations.

That focus includes a strict dedication to comfort, and to ensure top quality in this area, all Shoe The Bear shoes are handmade by experienced cobblers, who carefully match each heel and sole for perfect bounce and hold.

Brady Boots

William Green founded Grenson shoes in 1866 after years of selling handcrafted men’s boots out of his home, and the small company soon earned a reputation for quality.

Green’s first factory opened in 1874 and expanded soon after into a larger space in the heart of London, which continues to serve as the brand’s center of manufacturing. Though its styles have evolved with time, Grenson shoes are still constructed using a traditional process that allows them to be re-soled time and again, making it possible for each pair to last for years, or even decades.

Evans Boots

Since 1883, Wolverine has been producing work boots that built railroads and skyscrapers. In 1914, the brand introduced the 1000 Mile Boot, which set a new standard for comfort and durability, and today, the 1000 Mile Boot is still here.

At their Midwestern factory, Wolverine is creating updated and archival styles, with the same unmatched durability of the original, handmade by the dedicated Michigan craftsman who helped establish the company more than 125 years ago.

The best thing about these winter boots is that they’re tough. Where I live it doesn’t snow, but it does rain. Plus, I get cold very easily, so keeping the feet warm will help me go through the day.  I’m going for the one by Sorel, the Madson Moc Toe Waterproof. I like the color black and in fact never had a boot in that color.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below. Any questions, ideas you want to share, I’m available.

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  1. Good review of the winter boots for men. I quite like the look of the Evan’s boots as they seem more to my style. Also here in the UK it rains a lot so suede boots wouldn’t last very long.

  2. Hi, Yama,

    Nice post. I’ve been thinking of buying a pair of boots. Out of the five you mention above, the Stapleton Chukkas are my favorite. I think they look casual and comfortable. I would like to try them on. What store carries them? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Enrique,

      Thank you for visiting and as well as commenting.

      Stapleton Chukkas indeed look great. You can find them at the high-end shoe-selling spots. But, online I found them to be cheaper a little, so that’s why I shared it. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

      Thank you,

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