Affordable Men’s Pyjamas, Leggings and More…

Sleepwear is as important as any other item we purchase when it comes to fashion. It gets even better if the sleepwear is from a luxury brand that turns out to be affordable. The brand, Intimissimi, is one of my all time favorite brands. I’m not just a fan of their men’s pyjamas, but as well as their tops, boxers and more which I wrote about a month ago.

Let’s look at some of my favorite men’s pyjamas from the brand. You can click on the images or select the product titles below for full details.

Product Titles 

Here are some other favorites from the brand. Browse the links and images below to find the perfect night-time look for you.

Knee-High False Plain Dressing Gown 

Newly added by Intimissimi—this dressing gown is styled in a subtle pattern that appears solid enhanced with adjustable belt. Knee-high length. Color it comes in is baby blue.

Merino Wool Leggings 

Men’s leggings in stretch merino wool with a cuffed hem and exposed waistband. This is a delicate item and must be washed at 30 degrees.

Silk and Modal Zip-Up Sweatshirt

Men’s long-sleeved sweatshirt made from silk and modal with a front zip and pockets.

The Comfort

The designers from Intimissimi have come up with a variety of different styles to satisfy the taste of all men, using soft lightweight fabrics so we can sleep easy all night. If you’re a sporty person or prefer the classic look, the brand has created what you want. Order whatever you fancy and you will be impeccable every night of the year.

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    1. Hi Lucy,

      Thanks for the comment and visiting the site. These pyjamas make a perfect gift this Holiday season. Any questions, let me know.

      – Yama

  1. I had been recently looking for Pyjamas and this is the exact post I was looking for.

    I like these new designs because they are light material and this is what I want because I live in a very hot country.

    1. Hi Thabo,

      Yes, these are indeed made of light material and can be quite comfortable where you live, especially since you said it is hot over there. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks for your comment.

      – Yama

  2. OK, Yama! I see you creating great content. I absolutely love the layout and the different styles you post. You definitely have a great sense of men’s fashion. Keep up the good work 🙂

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